We build open-source software.

We're a small organization with a relatively small crew, but together we work together to create big and amazing applications that will change the way you see the world around you.

Meet the team

  • Bilal "indietyp" Mahmoud
    Project Lead

  • Axel "Akke" Lindgren Wenell
    Project Lead

  • Luke "Czar" Kuehler
    Marketing Director

  • Andreas "Yimura" Maerten
    Lead Project Assistant


Game Server Management ● Easy, accessible and self hosted – simply reinvented.
Hawthorne is game server management reinvented in a more easy, accessible and self hosted way. Programmed in Python and MySQL, Hawthorne can accomplish tasks no other competitor can. The in-game plugin communicates with the web server using complex API protocols instead of direct database calls, making it both safer and faster.

Communicate with the players through the web panel, manage your admins, punish people for breaking your sacred rules and much more, with just a single mouse click. Never has it been easier to be a server owner.


(coming soon) – Realtime Forum Software ● powered by NodeJS and RethinkDB – the ultimate NoSQL database
TwainBB is a realtime forum software coded in NodeJS and RethinkDB. With a ton of unique and inspiring features, it offers a stable and extraordinary environment for your community to both grow and evolve on.

Completely shaped after the users' needs, it has come close to near UX perfection. Do things like you've never done before, explore new ways of connecting with people and share your experience.


(coming soon) – Realtime task management ● todo lists and project management done right – the ultimate tool for success
Tired of never being able to find a task management tool that fits all of your needs? We are too. During the development stage of applications, it's very important to organize what has to be done, fixed and what has been done already – That's why we developed the ultimate, realtime, task management tool for todo lists and project management.

Always stay up-to-date with the latest tasks with push notifications and automatic emails sent directly to your inbox. Assign roles to your project members, limit their access, review their changes and much more.

Contact us

Please use the appropriate platform for the project you wish to contact us about. Use only the options below if you need to get in touch with us regarding the company, Laevis, itself.

About Laevis

Laevis is an international group founded by a german and a swedish guy, developing open-source software for all kinds of purposes. Focusing mainly on web applications, we have a lot of experience with UI/UX design and modern programming languages such as Python, Javascript, Ruby and PHP. Our most popular projects include Hawthorne, TwainBB and Enquist.